It's time for a conversation based in wisdom...

Letter from President Arnie Freiman

At Sophus Health, we are working with highly progressive organizations that understand the value of their employees as human beings and that truly care about their employees’ health and well-being. These are the innovators, explorers and rare leaders who see the need for transformation and who have the vision to go beyond our currently flawed healthcare system in order to chart a new path for employer-sponsored healthcare.

We’ve tested and proved our model successfully with results that blow traditional ‘health plans’ out of the water. For example, we saved a public school district more than 10 million dollars in less than seven years with better benefits, zero deductibles and little-to-no premium increases since the plan’s inception. We’ve helped employers include benefits that were not available in any other plan or program and measured the impact of these benefits. And, we’ve led organizations that were completely in the dark about where their dollars were going to being fully enlightened and empowered to make thoughtful, healthy and cost-effective decisions regarding employee healthcare.

This is what we – as educators, actuaries, health professionals & insurance industry-experts – love to do most. We blend deep care with hard economics, and we call this “Caring Intelligence.” Our unique model was created deliberately, because waiting and hoping does not bring about the changes that employers need. “Insurance” is a financial tool. Healthcare is much more than this. We understand both – intimately, and it’s time for conversations based in wisdom and caring intelligence.


 So how do we do it?


We start by creating a cultural shift within your organization that has learning as its foundation. We empower your employees by offering full transparency and access to the data that drives your health program. We use your real time data to make decisions and implement lifestyle programs that teach your employees how and why to make healthy choices. Our approach is to continually review, implement and refine well-being programs that that are most relevant and that drive costs down.

With Sophus Health, wellness is not an afterthought, nor is it plug-and-play, from a box or a microchip, and there are no punitive measures. Wellness is integral to your health program, and we offer measurable results in terms of health and costs. We are humans caring for each other and integrating wisdom. We are successfully disrupting the broken, profit-driven industry.

Now, it might feel safer to stay with your current plan, even while knowing that it is broken, flawed and costly. But one definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Or, you can join others in taking a leap of faith, knowing that this is a bold approach toward healthcare – the way it should be.

We are leading the industry on a new path of innovative, integrated and authentic health insurance programs that are are high-touch, fully-customized and highly-effective, because we work with organizations that understand and appreciate our philosophy. If you share these intrinsic values and would like to experience first-hand how empowering your employees with knowledge can directly lower your healthcare costs, then I would love to begin that conversation with you.

In health and with care,

Arnie Freiman