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Sophus Health was founded in 2010 by health insurance and actuarial science experts in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington to create customized, highly-effective, holistic, affordable, and sustainable health insurance programs for medium to large employers across the United States.

At Sophus Health, we believe that insurance is a financial tool that supports your employees when they need it most. However, it is not a “plan” for health.  This radically different thinking has proven successful and was the impetus for founding Sophus Health. Sophus Health insurance programs are typically self-funded or partially self-funded, which means that you own the program. As such, you are in a better position to mitigate the risks associated with illness, injury and disease and, of course, to address your needs for prevention. You can tailor the plan to meet your specific needs. You know up-front what the total costs look like, and you can realize substantial savings on the individual components.  Best of all, you get to keep the savings as your employees maintain their health.

All Sophus Health insurance programs are based on the whole person and the Five Aspects of Health, including Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Relational and Self. We believe that each of these aspects has the potential to directly affect the health and well-being of your employees. Therefore, we work with you to co-create a Learning Culture within your organization that looks at health – first – and addresses all health issues with what we like to call “Caring Intelligence.”

Because of our collaborative approach, we only work with selected organizations that understand, appreciate and share the same kind of caring intelligence that we provide.


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