Caring Intelligence for Employers who care...

Our Philosophy


As your employees move on their journey toward wellness by embracing the Five Aspects of Health, leading experts at Sophus will support your people every step of the way. Each is a teacher and thought leader and each can help guide the willing away from the limitations of a claims culture and toward the bounty of the Sophus Learning Culture.


Whole Person Health:

The Five Aspects of Health is the standard by which we measure the performance of your plan. And it’s all tied to lifestyle management programs based in lifestyle medicine. When combined with the proficiencies of our state-of-the-art claims reporting, our medical data tools and our analysis expertise, your health program is very well managed and measured to ensure that you are meeting your goals.


Caring intelligence:

Together we can create a program for health and wellness to meet your operation’s specific needs. The very nature of our approach creates a community that exists to benefit your employees. This would not be possible in a claims-driven culture, but shifting to a learning-based culture changes everything. Our tools and resources are deliberately integrated with the rest of the program to meet needs and affect measurable change. This empowers employees and may be contagious – in a positive way! We call this “Wise well-being.”



  • People want to feel well.
  • Claims data and work culture offer insight for how to develop and evolve health programs.
  • Well-being is more than physical; it includes Five Aspects of Health — Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Relational, and Self.
  • By shifting from a “claims” mentality to a learning-based culture, employees become engaged and empowered.
  • Employer ownership of health insurance and programs enables greater flexibility, control and savings.
  • By giving more and partnering with employees and their families, costs will inevitably go down.
  • People are not commodities, nor are they the problem for rising healthcare costs.
  • Health is a community event; by supporting and caring we all benefit.
  • Health and well-being can often be maintained and sustained through the integration of lifestyle management and smart insurance with intelligent, caring orchestration.