Well-being is the lifeblood of our program, not an aftermarket accessory...

What makes us Different?

Our focus is on wise well-being, not just what happens when people get sick. We came into being specifically in response to spiraling healthcare costs, because we could see a path to a better way. We meet you where you are, we empower your employees, and we guide you to thrive.


Six traits that make Sophus Health different.


(1) An enlightened staff with select disciplines.

The Sophus Health program is serviced by a variety of talented professionals whose experience and expertise stand as a genuine benefit to your employees. This group includes healthcare actuaries, certified financial planners, learning professionals, self-funded insurance specialists and healthcare leaders.


(2) We are consulting advisors, not salespeople.

The good people at Sophus Health actively work with you to design a program that fully satisfies the particular needs of your organization. We do not work on commission. And we all realize a value when your plan translates into increased wellness for your employees.


(3) You are the landlord of your plan, not the tenant.

Sophus Health is proud to offer partially self-funded plan options. When you choose this direction, you automatically realize greater autonomy and lower costs, while still protecting your operation from losses. It’s a way to largely control your own destiny.


(4) Plan elements that actually lead to wellness.

The authenticity of the Sophus Health program flows from “high touch” components that yield genuine benefits for you and your employees. For example, we will create employee panels, retreats and even on-site centers to meet your operation’s needs.


(5) Caring intelligence that manifests as wise well-being.

Together we can create a program for health and wellness to meet your operation’s specific needs. The very nature of our approach creates a community that exists to benefit your employees. This would not be possible in a claims-driven culture. But our culture actually has a name: The Sophus Learning Culture.


(6) Whole Person Health: aka the Five Aspects of Health.

The Five Aspects of Health is the standard by which we measure the performance of your plan. And it’s all tied to lifestyle management programs based in ‘lifestyle medicine.’ When combined with the proficiencies of our state-of-the-art claims reporting, our medical data tools and our analysis expertise, your healthcare costs are very well managed.


To look at the differences another way:

  • Many companies offer health insurance plans.
  • Many companies offer self-help and group wellness programs.
  • Many companies offer opportunities for professional and self-development.
  • Some companies offer options that cover alternative medicine.
  • Some companies offer financial tools and advisory services.
  • Some companies combine these products in a benefits package they sell to employers.
  • Other companies understand change management.
  • Few companies address all Five Aspects of Health.

No other company is offering a fully integrated whole health and lifestyle management program, custom designed by industry experts that addresses the whole health of the employee and that offers a measurable impact on your company’s bottom line. That is Sophus Health Care.