A shift from claims-based mentality to a whole person learning culture...

Understanding the Sophus Learning Culture


Learning-based programs lead to satisfaction for all concerned.

Your health program is continuously supported by our interactive Sophus Learning Culture. Think of it as an experiential education for your employees that is firmly rooted in evidence-based lifestyle learning models – one that increases productivity and fosters a healthier, more satisfied workforce. The authenticity of the Sophus Health program flows from “high touch” components that yield genuine benefits for your company and your employees, and we offer the support you need along the way.

How do we do this?

We use precise, state-of-the-art medical assessment tools to actually engage employees in all aspects of their health. When applied to the Five Aspects of Health your employees can identify some of the underlying causes of poor health and learn how to make subtle or substantial changes. In addressing these issues, your employees move toward wellness. Some of these tools incorporate technology that has the ability to evolve as a person’s health changes. We also work with leading health, fitness, financial, spiritual and personal development experts who are pioneers in their field. At its heart, the Sophus Learning Culture represents authentic inner change and a life commitment rather than a fleeting feeling.