Knowledge is power when you use it wisely...

Sophus Health consulting and actuarial services that evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your current health and wellness plan.


Our Industry Experts Offer Sound Advice Based on Your Data.

Whether you have a fully-funded, self-funded or partially self-funded health plan, the Sophus Health team of licensed experts will provide a comprehensive review and analysis of the effectiveness of your current plan along with recommendations for reducing costs without compromising health and wellness. While we will cover all of the traditional bases of reviewing your health plan costs and risks, we also take a holistic view of your company and employees to make connections, assessments and recommendations that go well beyond the scope of where traditional insurance brokers and consultants look. Insurance is a financial tool. Healthcare is personal. At Sophus Health, we offer caring intelligence for employers who care.

Best for companies that:

  • like their current health plan, but want to evaluate and identify areas that reduce costs.
  • want guidance in moving from a fully-funded to a self-funded or partially self-funded plan.
  • need help with educating their employees on important health and lifestyle issues.
  • have unique employee health, lifestyle or wellness issues that needs to be addressed.