Our finances can impact our health.

financial well-being


Typically when we think of our health, our finances – are not the first thing that comes to mind. However, we believe one’s financial health is connected to a person’s whole well-being.

Sophus Health creates its employee health programs around education in the 5 Aspects of Health – Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Relational and Self Health. Today we are going to look more closely at the aspect of Financial Health and its impact on our well-being.

We come into our adult relationship to money with ideas collected from the people with whom we grew up, our early experiences and the media’s interpretation of what money will do for us. Early successes or challenges with managing our finances also shape our idea of the meaning of money in our lives.  When our Financial Health is good we are apt to feel good about our self (another aspect of health) and likely, when our Financial Health is poor, a person is more likely to feel poorly about their self, which can lead to poor relational and/or physical health. The 5 Aspects of Health are all connected to and related to each other.

We can change our conditioning and create a future that does not mirror our past. When we understand the more complex role of money in our lives, then we can begin to exert control over it. When we help people understand what they truly want – they are then empowered to use money as a tool for bringing about and maintaining financial health. Education is a key element of empowerment.

Sophus Health has methods and resources available to address Financial Health as part of employers’ overall healthcare programs, because employee health is reflective of the health of the company, and your success is reflective of ours.  Let’s talk about this and prepare to prosper.


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