Physical Health is more than the absence of illness.

The physical body alone is just one part of the integral whole of complete well-being. Our physical bodies are a part of a community of the self – a dynamic convergence of body, mind, spirit and environment. There are changing worldviews on how to treat the body for physical ailments. The Eastern approach to health has viewed the body as completely entwined with the mind and the spirit – while Western medicine separates spirit from matter. Today, many thought leaders in medicine are combine the two views, taking pieces from each to create optimal physical health for individuals. When it comes to health, there are unexplained phenomena in what the body is capable of healing. Time and time again we see that when people have something or someone to care for – even if it is a pet or a plant – this ‘responsibility’ to the other can improve a person’s physical health. Physical Health can improve simply though the act of rising outside of one’s pain to experience a world and a community that benefits from their engagement in it. Although physical health is a vitally important aspect, “whole person health” is not just the absence of physical pain or conditions. Furthermore, physical conditions are frequently exasperated or even manifested by stress or imbalances within other aspects of life. This is why we created a health model that supports people in the 5 Aspects of Health that also includes Financial, Spiritual, Relational and Self Health.