- things look different here.

Oregon used to have a tagline that no one really understood. “Things look different here.”

It’s true. But kind of hard to wrap your mind around.

I’m starting to understand where they were coming from. How do you describe something that’s so different from everything else? That’s where we are with Sophus Health.

Here’s what I really want you to know: I created Sophus Health to bring true, authentic relationships to health and well-being. As in any nurturing relationship, this includes caring, sharing, love and truth. We create heart-based healthcare programs. Ones that brings high touch, not just high tech. This is our bottom line.

After meeting one of our valued clients for the first time and talking with their director heart-to-heart for 20 minutes, he looked in my eyes and said “Are you real?” I assured him I was and that what I told him about Sophus Health was all true. He smiled and gave me a hug.

We’re real. We’re creating real relationships and providing the kind of healthcare you’ve been seeking. I welcome the opportunity to have this conversation with you.

Best —