Here’s proof healthcare can exist on a higher plane.

Sophus Health™ offers more than just a benefits package for your employees; we design whole health programs led by industry experts that address physical, financial, spiritual, personal and relational well-being. We don’t offer health insurance products, we offer caring intelligence for employers who care.

“Health: The state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

-  World Health Organization


Let’s start by
analyzing your current program

A complete and functional understanding of what drives your healthcare costs is essential. Only then can we collaborate in the creation of a customized health program that fits your employees, mitigates risk and reduces cost.



Shift from a claims culture to a learning culture

 Sophus Health programs are the evolution in healthcare, because they step away from the commodity-based, claims-focused insurance formula. This new approach is a cultural shift that’s more affordable because it keys on what drives costs.



A healthy work environment and whole-person health

Costs go down while satisfaction and well-being go up as people are supported to develop their own life-enhancing strategies. This caring, intelligent approach has a direct and positive effect on employees, and the whole organization benefits.


Get started today with Sophus Health insurance programs and consulting
Get started today with Sophus Health
There is wisdom in working with health industry experts

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